GOCO Hospitality Contributes to a Vision for Litter-Free Beaches

Keeping true to its commitment of making a social impact in its community, the GOCO Hospitality team traveled to the Island of Koh Samed, off the coast of Rayong province, and lent a helping hand by hosting a beach cleanup with the aid of the Royal Forest Department of Thailand.

Although located on the island of Samed, which is categorized as National Park, the beach of Ao Look Yon is visited annually by thousands of local and foreign tourists who leave a trail of debris during their beach holidays. Not only unsightly in these otherwise unspoiled environments but the litter also poses a threat to local wildlife and is hazardous to both ships and divers.

Besides it being a rewarding day under the sun, the GOCO team was able to cover a range of 3,000 square meters including the coast and surrounding forest areas. The dedicated 20 individuals that contributed to the cause collected 25 kilos of debris composed of glass bottles, plastic bags and metal cans, just to name a few, which substantially improved the landscape of Ao Look Yon.

“It was a very rewarding experience for us to be able to contribute towards a cleaner beach,” said Ingo Schweder, Chief Executive Officer of GOCO Hospitality. “We gain so much from the sea – nutrition, energy, wellbeing, fun – thus we felt it was our responsibility as the GOCO Hospitality team, to turn the tide and aid in the sustainability towards cleaner coasts.”

“We are fully committed to giving back to the community in which we operate daily. We have started 2013 with a beach cleanup and are actively on the lookout for other opportunities to help in any way we possibly can.”

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