GOCO Spa Koh Chang, Thailand – Outdoor Rainforest Bathing Circuit

Set to become one of the island’s most exclusive well-being destinations, GOCO Spa Koh Chang will be surrounded by 25 acres of unspoiled rainforest and offers a selection of traditional Thai healing and water-based therapies. Unique to the region, a purpose built outdoor rainforest bathing circuit will provide guests with a tropical well-being experience, harmoniously blending with its surroundings.

The 200m2 bathing circuit will delight guests with a selection of water-based features. The spa garden pool will be equipped with relaxing bubble loungers, invigorating swan neck massagers and stimulating water jets, amidst the indigenous flora and lush vegetation. Operating in all seasons, the outdoor steam room and sauna holds space for six to eight people and is set in an exceptional tropical setting. The high oxygen content of this unique environment will aid the rejuvenation and total relaxation of guests whilst harmonising with the rhythm of unspoiled nature.

Complementing the outdoor bathing circuit, the outdoor scrub bar will be enjoyed by guests, either alone or in small groups. The restorative mineral-containing mud can be applied to the skin and be left to dry in the sun and brushed off or shower before continuing into the stimulating vitality pool. This health enhancing cleansing ritual does not only help relax muscles, firm the skin and detoxify the body but also actively supports the replacement of lost nutrients, increase of blood flow and even the improvement of digestion.

GOCO Spa Koh Chang can be visited by both hotel and external guests, and is set to open in Q3 of 2017. 



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