Translating Traditional Thai Wellness Philosophies into Modern Spa Treatments

Opening later this year, GOCO Spa Koh Chang will be one of the Thai island’s most exclusive spa and wellness sanctuaries. Its philosophy and menu will be based on the ancient wisdom of Thai traditional healing, translated into a carefully crafted selection of modern treatments.

Thai traditional healing has been around for centuries and been passed on from generation to generation. Apart from bodywork practices, it also includes spiritual healing and herbal medicine, which can be taken internally, applied externally or inhaled. The most common forms of physical healing are Thai massage, based on the concept of energy and the provision of life force, as well as Thai herbal compresses, which includes the use of a heated herbal stamp applied to the body, made up of therapeutic herbs such as ginger, turmeric and lemongrass. Both treatments are known to relieve pain and stress, and increase the amount of oxygen circulating in the body, and will be offered at the spa.

In order to create authentic treatments that make for a genuine Thai experience, all of GOCO Spa Koh Chang’s treatments will predominantly incorporate natural and locally sourced roots, vegetables and fruits, such as coconut, mango and rice. In line with the overall concept of sustainability, the spa will also work with suppliers that focus on long-term sustainability through product development, packaging and making responsible business choices.

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