Global Brand Development

Through our ability to create sustainable and profitable concepts, we ensure value for our stakeholders while simultaneously stimulating GOCO Hospitality’s global growth.

Global Brand Development

Global Brand Development

Through our ability to create sustainable and profitable concepts, we ensure value for our stakeholders while simultaneously stimulating GOCO Hospitality’s global growth. 



GOCO Hospitality have developed the Paramount Hotels & Resorts’ wellness and fitness brand for both urban and resort locations globally, and we are now supporting Paramount Hotels & Resorts in their global rollout.

Feel the serenity of Napa Valley, the vibrancy of Venice Beach, the trendiness of San Francisco and the glamour of Hollywood. This Californian-inspired environment personifies escape, mystery, simplicity and creativity, stimulating all of the five senses. Paramount’s fitness and wellness brand is reserved for the health conscious and those drawn to the allure of a west-coast lifestyle.

Treated just like their favourite stars, guests feel as if every one of their needs is met, leaving them completely relaxed and renewed. The experience combines superior international and local treatments, dedicated service and sophisticated spaces, fashioned into the ultimate wellness-driven entertaining journey, and adapted to their respective geographical locations. 



GOCO Hospitality developed the MGM Hospitality and Resort SHO Spa brand and exclusively delivered Spa and Wellness consultancy service to all new MGM Hospitality Wellness & Spa developments. GOCO Hospitality was responsible for the global implementation of the Spa brand values to all development projects and to provide management team support, ensuring that projects meet global MGM standards. GOCO Hospitality has worked with MGM Hospitality on over 10 of the new SHO Spas around the globe. 




GOCO Hospitality provides an extensive audit to the brand's spa properties, followed by an on-going operational guidance and support as well as concept development, design and technical services.



Developed by Horwath HTL Health and Wellness and GOCO Hospitality, the Rise Wellness Retreats’ brand envisions a global network of localised wellness and education-focused retreats with sustainability and philanthropic service at the core.

Intended to serve as a sanctuary for the wellbeing conscious, with a focus on healing, wisdom, and inspiration, guests will be ushered into an inclusive community where intentionality and awareness are celebrated.

The core experience at Rise Wellness Retreats promotes coexistence in reverent harmony with local environments, incorporating indigenous wisdom, traditions and rituals into the service platform and day-to-day life.

A redefinition of luxury that inspires childlike discovery, personal restoration and planetary stewardship, Rise Retreats promises guests a place of meaningful connections, cocooning spaces and sensory pleasures.

The rollout strategy targets high-frequency, energy-dense points across the globe, including sites in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil and the Philippines.


GOCO Hospitality is engaged to enhance and further develop the spa branding and design guidelines for Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. The new brand guidelines address additional program components including retail, beauty lab, advanced beauty rooms, spa suites and a variety of heat and water experiences, to be implemented in a number of newly developing Viceroy locations globally.



GOCO Hospitality is engaged to conceptualise Emaar wellness and spa developments in the Middle East as well as other projects internationally from initial concept development, design and technical services and operational support.

Emaar Hospitality Group’s vision is to be recognised as the premier global provider of personal, innovative and memorable lifestyle experiences.


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