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Horwath HTL Health and Wellness contributes to ‘The Hotel Yearbook 2014’

Published annually since 2007, The Hotel Yearbook is a compendium of high-level insights and ideas about the future of the global hotel business, written by and for the industry’s leaders around the world and distributed during all major hotel investment conferences across the world. Focusing on strategic foresight and innovation, over 200 CEOs and other senior executives have contributed to the publication since it was founded. Ingo Schweder, Founder and CEO of GOCO Hospitality, has been a permanent contributor and shared his outlook on the wellness hospitality industry to ‘The Hotel Yearbook’ every year since its beginning.

‘The Hotel Yearbook 2014’ is in its 8th edition and made up of exclusive editorial contributions from more than two-dozen opinion leaders from around the world, the publication focuses on the future of the hotel industry and the trends and innovative ideas that will have an impact on its development. Rounding out the contents is an extensive series of country reports written and compiled by the consultants of Horwath HTL. Each report gives a brief snapshot of the country’s hotel business landscape in 2013 and then an insider’s perspective on the outlook for 2014 and beyond. The newly formed independent wellness hospitality-consulting arm, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness that was formed in mid 2013 by Ingo Schweder and Robert Hecker contributed for the first time. Horwath HTL Health & Wellness provides their outlook on the global wellness hospitality industry as well as a country report on Thailand’s Health & Wellness Industry.

Read the full article here on a review of the global wellness hospitality industry in 2013 and Horwath HTL Health & Wellness’ prediction for business scenarios in 2014 beyond as well as a more detailed review of the health and wellness industry in Thailand.

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