Lijiang, China •

Located in Lijiang, in the northwestern portion of Yunnan and bordering Sichuan, the Ritz-Carlton Lijiang was set to be based in one of the city’s renowned historic old towns. The spa design was influenced by local Lijiang architecture infused with Ming and Qing Dynasties touches. The spa was designed to offer a wide variety of treatment spaces, as well as heat and water experiences connecting to the indoor swimming pool.


  • Spa: 1,900 m2
  • 8 treatment rooms and 1 spa suite
  • Foot massage
  • Indoor swimming pool and vitality pool
  • Heat experiences
  • Beauty salon
  • Gym
  • Mind and body studio


  • Horwath HTL Health and Wellness, Bangkok
  • Lijiang Dingye Real Estate Development Group, Lijiang
  • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Hong Kong
  • Bensley Design Studio, Bangkok
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