Doha, Qatar • www.msheireb.com/zulal-wellness-resort/about-zulal-wellness-resort/

Developed in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation, Zulal Wellness Resort is a cutting-edge, integrative wellness destination that will position Qatar as the Middle East’s pioneer in the world of wellness. The project offers guests a personal discovery of wellbeing.


  • Site area: 9.6 hectares 
  • Destination Spa and Wellness Resort Accommodation
    • 60 villas
  • Family Wellness Resort Accommodation
    • 120 rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Multiple F&B outlets 
  • Extensive landscape and lagoon areas
  • Wellness programme based on traditional healing traditions from 23 countries


  • Horwath HTL Health and Wellness, Bangkok
  • Qatar Foundation, Doha
  • Oxford University, Oxford
  • Stanford University, Stanford
  • Harvard University, Cambridge
  • GIFTS Research, Professor Bodeker
  • George Wong Design, New York
  • Kerry Hill, Singapore
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