Executive recruitment services, job descriptions and standard operating procedures.


Executive recruitment services, job descriptions and standard operating procedures.

4. Pre-Opening Services & Training

Approximately 12 to 18 months before the soft opening, GOCO Hospitality will begin to execute the following pre-opening services for the project.

The operational team will work very closely with the owning company to manage the critical path, provide executive recruitment services, and establish basic operational principles including but not limited to job descriptions (JDs), Standard Operating Principles (SOPs) and concepts. In addition, the foundation for the operating departments such as finance, sales & marketing, human resources, engineering, operations and food and beverage will be established.

Pre-Opening Services & Training │Scope and Deliverables

Project Management and Critical Path

  • Development of a detailed pre-opening critical path, outlining all events and schedule requirements, from the pre-opening start date to the project’s soft opening 

Vendor Specification

  • Development of detailed OS&E and FF&E budget in conjunction with the operator
  • Selection of, and collaboration with, product companies and external suppliers who will provide long term services
  • Schedule of professional product-related project training 

Budgeting and Manning Guide

  • In coordination with the hotel’s human resources department, development of an organisational chart, staffing/manning guide and wage scale for all required project positions
  • Development of a budget for the first full year of the operation 

Sales, Marketing and PR

  • In coordination with the on-site marketing department, development of a detailed pre-opening marketing and launch plan for the spa or retreat
  • Development of a marketing budget for pre-opening and the first full year of the spa or wellness retreat’s operation 

Executive Recruitment

  • Recruitment services for the project’s executive positions 

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all operating departments
  • Development of a detailed menu of services for all outlets within the spa or wellness retreat 

Job Descriptions

  • Standardised job descriptions (JDs) as required, aligned with overall concept and standards 

Fully Comprehensive HR, Recruitment and Training Services

  • In coordination with the executive team and human resources department, assisting in the hiring of all spa or retreat team members
  • Development of training manuals, SOP training, pre-opening training countdown
  • On-site training for the spa and wellness retreat’s team, covering all core aspects, such as philosophy, introduction and service delivery, right up until the spa or retreat launch
  • Intensive simulation is provided to prepare the team for service excellence from day one


  • Liaison between all parties involved in project development process
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