Sanya, China • Opening in 2020 www.1hotels.com/hotels/coming-soon/1-hotels-coming-soon

Located on China’s most popular leisure destination, Hainan Island, the spa at the 1 Hotel Haitang Bay is set to become a leading spa and wellness facility in China. It will offer a comprehensive range of spa and wellness services that focus on long-term benefits rather than quick fixes. Designed to support the sustainable and eco-conscious philosophy of the hotel, the spa facilities will include a wellness café, serving fresh and organic fruits from an onsite farm.


  • Spa: 800 m2
  • 4 single treatment rooms
  • 1 double treatment room with private garden
  • 1 spa suite with private garden
  • Relaxation lounge with express treatment area
  • Wellness cafe and juice bar
  • Heat and water experiences
  • Gym


  • Horwath HTL Health and Wellness, Bangkok
  • Hainan Sunshine Xinhai Development Co, Sanya
  • SH Group, New York
  • The Oval Partnership, Hong Kong
  • FARM, Singapore
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